Rudranath Trek in Uttarakhand

Rudranath Trek

The Lord Shiva is everywhere so the trek starts from a journey to lord shiva temple from Gopeshwar Town. Here are all about best time to visit, route map and tour guide booking, low cost packages for trek and much more. If You are passionate for trekking in hill areas specially those areas where you love to walk along with site seeing of natural beauty. On the way of Rudranath You will see lot’s of glacier on mounts and lot’s of multi color flowers on the route of Rudranath Temple. This is one of the longest and toughest trek ever you will see in Uttarakhand. It’s cause of longest distance which you have to finish without motor.

Trek in A View

It’s 4th Kedar as per Panch Kedar Pilgrims. The treks starts from Sagar Village which is in Chamoli District of Uttarakhand, and ends to Lord Shiva Temple Rudranath. Distance between 19Km where in mid of the trek you have to spend a night in camp which will be in Panar Bugyal which one of the most popular Bugyal (A Field of grass which feels like a sea of greenness). As we know Garhwal’s all treks starts from Rishikesh so you have to take a vehicle from Rishikesh to Sagar Village (215Km Approx.). But due to difficulty for stay you have to carry camp yourself or stay first day on Gopeshwar Town. Where you will see wide range of places to stay like Hotels and etc.

Route Map of Rudranath Trek

Trek Route 1: From Helang – Urgam – Kalpeshwar – Dumak – Bansi Narayan – Panar –  Rudranath
Trek Route 2: From Sagar Village –  Liti Bugyal – Panar Bugyal – Pitradhar – Rudranath
Trek Route 3: From Mandal Village – Anasuya Temple – Hansa Bugyal – Naola Pass – Rudranath

Day 1: Rishikesh to Gopeshwar

When you will start your journey for this trek outside the Uttarakhand you must visit first to Rishikesh you can come via train & airplane (Jolly Grant nearest airport). When you will reach their don’t book a service from Rishikesh if you have low budget just pick a van (Called Roadways Buses) which  will cost you around 350 to 400 Rupees only and you will reach to Gopehswar Bus station. First day you will reach approx their after 6 to 7 hours of departure from Rishikesh. We suggest please take rest in Gopeshwar and You will get a deal of hotel withing 500 to 12,00 INR. (Depends on Season of Char Dham Yaatra). 

What to see in Gopeshwar Town in Evening

Once you will reach to Gopeshwar you can see their The Lord Shiva temple which have an oldest Trishul which was made with Ashta Dhatu (8 types of metals). Special thing is there if you will try to push this Trishul via your hand you will see no motion but if you will touch it with your finger you will see there a motion in that Trishul (Shastra of Lord Shiva). The Trishul is around 5 meters long, you can also visit to town park their which is in height and you will see beauty of lot’s of villages from their. If you will have time you can go to Ghingrana Village and you will see there awesome beauty of nature.

 Day 2: Sagar Village to Pung – Panar Bugyal

Sagar village is fully gifted with mother nature and their you will also see lot’s of natural beauty and a environment of village. You can book a tour guide & helpers from there. So that you can enjoy a healthy food of Uttarakhand. After 3-4 Km you will reach to Pung Bugyal crossing this you will cross Liti Bugyal and the After a long walk of 12Km you will reach to Panar Bugyal and there you will forgot all the tensions of your life when you will see beauty of mother nature. Once you will reach helpers will start cooking food and will make ready your camp to say for that night.

Day 3: Panar Bugyal to Rudranath Temple

Now here is welcome to a lovely morning of your next day, and you will feel like you are in heaven. Their will be lot’s of green grass, flowers and birds which will make your morning like a morning in paradise. Just take deep breath and start your trek to Rudranath temple in the way of this route you will see The great Choukhamba Mountain which is very popular and My Favorite Mountain as i ever seen. After 2 Hours you will reach to Pitradhar where you will see lot’s of flags and bells, From here 1km downhill you will reached to Naola pass. Here you Guide can ask you for a breakfast and after completion of your superb breakfast you will move to Temple and from here after 4km you will reach finally to a peaceful place which is Rudranath Temple and You can do some Photography outside the temple for a memory of  your trek. In temple the photography is prohibited so don’t try this. Now you will get blessed by Lord Shiva After Temple Darshan. And it’s to return to Naola Pass where your helpers can make ready your tent and food.

Day 4 : Naola Pass – Mandal – Gopeshwar

Next Day with a shiny sun and natural beauty you can start your back journey and you have to reach next day from Naola Pass to Mandal Village. From Mandal you can visit to Gopeshwar and take rest else you can stay in Mana village there you will also get few places to stay.

Day 5 : Gopeshwar to Rishikesh

Next Morning you can take Roadway Bus or Your personal cab to move back to home after 6 to 7 hours you will reach to Rishikesh.

Trek Tips for Rudranth Trek

  • Temple Opens from May to October Mid
  • Morning Aarti starts in 8 Am Morning & 6:30 Pm Evening in Rudranath temple
  • It’s a toughest and challenging trek for everyone.
  • In monsoons it’s required to check with local authorities and tour operators, guides cause in monsoons you may face some weather problems.
  • Book A tour guide as previously mentioned which is much more required for each and every trek.
  • In Monsoon be careful about snail, snakes and specially leech.
  • In Monsoons don’t forget to carry raincoat.

Photos of Rudranath Trek

Rudranath Trek – FAQ’s

Can i Stay in Rudranath ?

Yes you can there are some small huts made by Mandir committee to stay apart from those there are no option to stay in Rudranath. You can take you camp in Naola Pass.

Can i Get Food Near By Rudranath Temple ?

Yes you may get facility of mule there but sedan is not possible or available in this area as may you seen in kedarnath trek and other treks.

Can I Get Camping equipment from Local ?

Yes you can get it from Mandal & Sagar Village but we suggest you to carry it from Gopeshwar, May be there in village you will get limited things to carry. You can also Hire a Local Guide to Trek.

Can I Complete Rudranath Trek with My Family or Friends ?

Yes sure you can complete this trek with your family and friends too. But with family you may get some problem like as you know it’s toughest trek. But with friends I think it’s good idea to complete this trek.

Can I Move to trek Between November to April ?

No you can’t because their you will face lot’s of snowfall and the door of temple will close on this session between November to April.

Download Rudranath trek Details in PDF

You can download below the trek details by clicking pdf icon.