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Pindari Glacier Tour Packages |Pindari Glacier Trekking & tour Booking

About Pindari Glacier:-

Pindari Glacier is very famous in India. It is basically found in Kumaon Himalayas  (Uttrakhand).In the south position of Pindari Glacier you can see the Nanda Devi, Nanda kot temple which is very famous and lots of mythology behind them. In the south direction of Pindari Glacier is spread total distance of about 3 km (1.9 mi),0.25 km in breadth. In the south direction Pindari River flows and meets to the Alakananda at Karnaprayag in the Garhwal district (Uttrakhand). For more information related to the Pindari and Kafni glacier trek  watch below Route Map which indicate clearly about Route of Pindari Glacier.

The starting point to reach Pindari Glacier is start from a villages which called (Saung, Loharkhet) and after that some other villages is come on the way such as (Dhakuri Pass, Khati village) which is the last inhabited village on the trail. Most of the way to reach Pindari Glacier is across the bank of the Pindari River. Which is disappear after to reach Dhakuri Pass, Khati village. The total days to complete or reach to Pindari Glacier is six days and the total distance travel is  90 km (56 mi) round-trip trek . Mostly visitors prefer  this way which is more convenient and easy. Mostly Pindari Glacier is know as  his Hights, Beauty, Snow where you can easily do some different task such as adventure sports like ice climbing and mountain biking.


Pindari Glacier Activities  in 10 Days:-

Day One 1:-

Trekking is start from kathgodam- Bageshwar-Loharkhet  and the toal distance to reach  Kothgodam is 210 kms. Total Time to reach kothgodam is six to Seven hours. First of all visit to old Bagnath Temple  which is near to the Gomti River . Here you can easily find Guide which helps you in during whole way of trekking .

Day two 2:-

Start from loharkhet -Dhakuri  and the total distance to reach loharkhet is  10 kilometers and total time taken to reach is Approximately Five hours. Trekking is start from there is pindari and kafni Glacier. In this route you can easily see the snow which is covered to the Dhauri Khal .

Day two 3:-

It is start form the village of Dhakuri Khati which is biggest village and its found on the way of Pindari Glacier. It is the last village in the route of Pindari and Kafni glacier. Here you can take your valuable items from this village.

Day two 4:-

It is start from Khati Dwali  which cover total distance of 11 Kilometers  and total time taken of six hours to reach Khati dwali. Here various hotels are available who provide foods for visitors.It is situated in 2575 mts above sea level.

Day two 5:-

Its start from dwali -Phurkia  which cover total distance of 05 Kilometers and total time take to reach is three hours. In the way to climb Forest frozen stream is surrounding all over there.It is situated at an elevation of 3250 mts above sea level.


Day two 6:-(Phurkia -Zero point -phurkia Dwali)

Total distance:-15 kilometers

Total time:-seven hours

It is total of 36660 mts high above sea level.

Day two 7:-(Dwali-Kafni Glacier)

Total distance:-12 kilometers

Total time:-six hours

It is total of 6806 mts high above sea level.

Day two 8:-(Kafni Glacier -Dwali)

Total distance:-12 kilometers

Total time:-five hours

It is total of 6660 mts high above sea level.

Day two 9:-(Dwali-Khati -Dhakuri)

Total distance:-20 kilometers

Total time:-seven to eight hours

It is total of 5660 mts high above sea level.

Day two 10:-(Dhakuri-Loharkhet-almora -Kathgodam)

Total distance:-10 kilometers

Total time:-four hours

It is total of 210 kms high above sea level.

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