» » Gangotri Gaumukh Tour & Trekking 2017 in Uttrakhand |Gangotri Gaumukh Tours packages 2017

Gangotri Gaumukh Tour & Trekking 2017 in Uttrakhand |Gangotri Gaumukh Tours packages 2017

About Gomukh:

Gomukh is also referred as  Gaumukh or Gomukhi which literally means  Mouth of a Cow. Gomukh  is the end of  Gangotri Glacier and it is one of the prestigious source of the  Ganges River. The height of Gomukh is approximately 13,200 foot form Uttarkashi district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Its is the largest Trekking point in india with an estimated volume of over 27 cubic kilometers. As per the previous history on July 26 2016  due to heavy rain falls in Uttrakhand it cause the front end of gomukh was disappear and its again regenerated in 2013 due to the heave cloud Collision. Over Huge number of visitors are came in the summer season as well as winter season. Before visiting to the Goumukh its necessary to take permission to the Forest department of Uttrakhand. In daily only 150 Permits is giving to the visitors to climb Goumkh. Trekking start from Gangotri  about 18 kilometer from Goumukh which is a long Distance .According to the survey roads are damaged hardly due to heavy rain fall and heavy snow fall. Construction work in that area is run every year and its necessary to walk on this route with one guide who tell you about which way is safe to reach Goumukh. For more information read below passage about why it is famous for or more.


 Importants information about Goumukh
   19 kms
   5 days
   Uttarkashi, Garhwal
   2 days
   Glacier and Source of River Ganges
 By Train  Dehradun, 260 kms

Gangotri Gumukh  Treeking Events:-

  • Gangotri Gumukh is situated to the region of Garhwal Uttrakhand.

  • Total attitude Range to visit Gumukh is 3048 mts to 4450 mts.

  • Total distance between Dehradun to Gumukh is 57 Kelometer (Approx)

  • Gangotri Gumukh is the Second Highest Largest Glacier  of India with 30 kms in length and 4 kms in width.



Total Distance:-258 kms

Total Time:-10 Hrs



Total Distance:-14 kms

Total Attitude:-3580 mts



Total Distance:-10 kms

Total Attitude:-4400 mts from ground level



Total Distance:-07 kms

Total Attitude:-4450 mts from ground level



Total Distance:-12 kms

Total Time:-02 Hours



Total Distance:-14 kms

Total Time:-05 Hrs



Total Distance:-258 kms

Total Time:-10 Hrs

Gaumukh is famous for :-

  • Gaumukh is famous for worship  of River Ganges.

  • Gaumukh is Trekking place for Foreigners, Vistors.

  • In Gaumukh following activities/ interests -Adventure,Glaciers,Trekking

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