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Deoriya Tal Tour & Trek 2017-Trekking Guide Booking Now

Deoria Tal  is a most beautiful lake  which is located around 3 km on an uphill trek from the villages (Mastura and Sari ) .Deoria Tal is also write in english language as Devaria’ or ‘Deoriya. Deoria Tal is to be visible on the Ukhimath-Chopta road in Uttarakhand. The Height of the Deoria tal is approximately 2438 meters from the ground level . In the beautiful tal is surrounded to the heavily wooded and lush green with snow-covered Long mountains in the backdrop. The mountain which is close to the Deoria tal is Chaukhamba .

According to the Hindu mythology is also believed that it was the place where different Pandavas were asked question by Yaksha and according to the local mythology  The lake of Deoria Tal is to be made or build by the Bheem who is stronger person in that time and the reason behind that  he is appease his thirst .Yudhister is told to Bheem to build this lake .In the Deoria tal where the Devas bathed in this lake at the past time. So if you want to know the actual story behind that so visit tot he lake and feel the power of positive. There are different visitors are come at different nation or country to see the beautiful lake. For more information related to how to reach this lake so read our below passage.


Way to Reach Deoria Tal:-

You are come here at different sources such as  Jeeps are always available from Ukhimath to reach Sari. If you have problem to reach sari to ask any one about nearby village which is Mastura village. You can book jeep to return and come at any time . Simply you can register your name in our site and cl us  for booking  and many more . We are providing all types of stuff during trekking .

There is total of 7 km trek which is starts from nearest village Mastura . There are various tracking tour which you can select either camping and jungle trek etc. In every kilometers you there differents shops are visible such as sell tea and snacks, but these close at sundown. Basically Trekkers are always combine this trek which is start nearby trek to Tungnath  which is also clalled as highest Hindu shrine devoted to Lord Shiva.


Different Activities of Deoriya Tal:-

 Different Activities of Deoriya Tal:
 Trekking 2 KM trek covers all bird-eye views of Saari village and its lush green paddy fields.
 Camping  Camping is possible here and the beautiful view is appear behind the lake is a rewarding experience. You can also see the The reflection of Chaukhamba peak .
Village Tourism  The last village of trekking is Saari .Here you can observe the living standard, culture , custum and tradiational.


For more information related to nearby tourist place such as  Chopta. which is famous for Mini Switzerland of Uttrakhand  and in detailed view visit to the official site of tourism is http://www.titypost.com/blog/.

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